Where to wine and dine for Melbourne Cup in Brisbane
Brisbane’s best function venue for any occasion
Brisbane is getting a dessert festival!
Where to go for breakfast on the south side

A Kit Kat café has opened in Melbourne!

The chocaholics of Australia have had their sweet, crunchy prayers answered because a Kit Kat Café has come to Melbourne!

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Win some sweet dollars to spend at The Sugar Market

We’re so excited about Brisbane’s first dessert festival that we’re giving away $50 worth of Sugar Market cash to 3 lucky winners!

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The Wynnum Seafood Festival is coming this weekend

This inaugural free community event is taking place on Saturday 22 October from 11am to 6pm, serving up an abundance of fresh local seafood straight from the Moreton Bay region.

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We rank our top 4 dishes at Hanaichi

Our go-to when we’re seeking a fast feed? Hanaichi. We polled the G&G office for the top dishes we order every time we find ourselves with a severe case of hangry – how does your choice match up?

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Cheap eats #49

Have your October weekends thus far been spent looking fashionable but with no money for good beer? Well, we’ve got the best budget feeds in Brisbane so you have a little extra change this week.

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How to drink tequila like George Clooney

If your invite to George Clooney’s tropical hideaway got lost in the mail, drown your sorrows in his ultra-premium new tequila brand, with these Clooney approved cocktail recipes.

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What happened when we tried to eat a 1kg schnitzel

When Bavarian Bier Café challenged us to eat a 1kg veal schnitzel, complete with four sides, in 1 hour, we said ‘pffft’ to the naysayers and ‘hell yes!’ to the promise of the biggest food baby of our life, and sent along the biggest eater of the team. This is what happened.

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Say hola to our top picks for paella in Brisbane

If you’ve never had the chance to wander the streets of Barcelona and hunt down a feast of authentic paella and sangria, we’ve found a few spots a little closer to home.

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Where to go for breakfast on the south side

We’re not ones to take sides – but to us, there’s a clear winner when it comes to breakfast regions in Brisbane (alright, it’s a four-way tie – but the south side still really has it going on).

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9 scrumptious things to do this week

What’s on in food this week? A whole lot of seafood, a festival you Mexi-can’t miss and a sugar coma waiting to happen!

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