How to stick to your new year’s resolutions this year

Alright, friends, if you spent December 31 resolving to eat fit food and are already feeling the urge to curl into a ball when your friends Snapchat their pizza, it’s time for an intervention

We’re here to tell you that goals can be achieved (even our aim to dial down on the ice cream enough to not need to measure our intake in litres), and there are services on hand to make it healthy eating that much easier.

Rather than sitting at home wondering how long is the socially acceptable time to wait before you can ditch the gym membership, bolster your resolve with these helping hands.

#1. Let Caveman Kitchen do the cooking

Rather than risk a February binge when you’ve finally had all you can have of raw spinach and kangaroo steaks, leave the meal prep to the experts and let Caveman Kitchen plan, shop, cook and even do the dishes for you. With dishes like zucchini noodle carbonara, BBQ pork ribs and paleo pad Thai on the menu, there’s no chance you’ll get bored, and with the healthy meals delivered right to your door, you won’t even be tempted to pick up a few ‘cheat day’ snacks at the supermarket (because we all know you’ll eat them straight away).

#2. Join a gym that will keep you motivated – and take care of the post-workout caffeine

Can’t bring yourself to sign up to a gym where you’ll just be lost among the January crowds? Fortitude Valley’s newest conditioning centre, Facilities Fitness is all about small group classes that will get you both one-on-one attention and a motivating group environment. Bonus, once you’ve worked up a sweat at one of their many cutting edge classes, you can hit the coffee window for refueling Fonzie Abbott coffee, and maybe even a protein shake or healthy treat!

#3. Learn to snack better

If half your work day is spent with one hand in a bag of food (guilty), it can be hard to kick the snacking habit – but why kick it when you can improve it? Check out these recipes for snack-tastic protein balls and where to get yourself a post work-out smoothie that won’t leave you regretting a thing. Turns out, snacks without the guilt taste even better.

OK, we’re ready to stop lifting chip bags and start lifting weights.

Words by Samantha Chariton

Image credit: Elsa’s Wholesome Life